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According to the principle of generation: solid (YAG) machine; CO2 machine; semiconductor machine; fiber machine; ultrafast machine.

1. Solid state cutting machine

The principle of solid-state cutting machine generator is a solid-state based on yttrium aluminum garnet crystal. The chemical formula of yttrium aluminum garnet is Y3A15015, or YAG for short. The active ion Nd3+ (about 1%) is incorporated into the YAG matrix to become Nd:YAG. In actual preparation, a certain proportion of A1203, Y203 and Nd03 are melted and crystallized in a single crystal furnace. Nd:YAG belongs to the cubic crystal system and is an anisotropic crystal.

Because Nd:YAG belongs to a 4-level system, with high quantum efficiency and large stimulated radiation area, its threshold is much lower than that of ruby and neodymium glass, and because Nd:YAG crystal has good thermal properties, it is very suitable for making Continuous and Repeated Frequency Devices. It is currently a solid working material that can work continuously at room temperature. In medium-power pulsed devices, the amount of YAG applied far exceeds that of other working media.

Like other generators, the basic components of YAG are: working medium, pump source and resonator. However, due to the different types of active ions doped in the crystal, the different pump sources and pump methods, the structures of the resonators used are different, and the other functional structural components used are different. YAG s can be divided into many types, such as continuous wave, heavy wave and pulsed generators according to the output wavelength*. According to the working wavelength, it is divided into 1.064um YAG , frequency doubling YAG , Raman frequency shift YAG (*=1.54um) and frequency-tunable YAG (color center ), etc. According to the different doping, it can be divided into Nd: YAG, YAG doped with HO, TM, ER, etc. According to the shape of the crystal, it can be divided into rod-shaped and slab-shaped YAG s. According to the output power (energy), it can be divided into high-power and medium-power YAG s. YAG s have become an important branch of solid-state s.

In summary, the solid-state (generator) cutting machine has its own characteristics. Medium-power solid-state s are preferred for industrial metal cutting. The core of the (medium power) solid-state cutting machine is locked in the quality of the generator, that is, the solid-state YAG is the core of the solid-state cutting machine.

2.CO2 cutting machine

CO2 cutting machine consists of 7 basic parts, namely optical cavity resonator, excitation source, vacuum pump, medium, optical mirror, heat exchanger, turbine or fan.

The above components work together to create an environment where gas is generated.

The generation of the is that the mixture of CO2, N2 and He is injected into the optical resonator (high vacuum environment), the fan circulates the gas (CO2, N2 and He) in the optical resonator, and the vacuum pump system drives the excitation source to make the medium Reaching the E4 energy level makes most of the molecules go beyond the normal state, forming an overall inversion, through which the molecules try to return to the normal state once they reach a certain energy level. While returning, the gas medium will spontaneously emit photons (or beam units) to form self-emission. These photons and molecules interact at the E4 energy level to stimulate them to release more photons to form excitation emission. These photons are aligned in ion, phase, and wavelength to focus the beam, where the heat exchanger acts to keep the operating temperature of the resonator constant. The optical components of the optical resonator align and concentrate the photon movement. When enough photons are collected, a beam is generated. One of the optical systems outputs a part (50%) of the energy, and the rest will be reflected back, maintaining the required emission. energy.

3. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Power range: 200W-6000W

Fiber s are composed of the following components:

Pump source: The pump source adopts a carrier-grade high-power single-core junction semiconductor module. (Ordinary semiconductors use Bar pump source)

Optical fiber preform: Silica glass, in-house deposition method, doped with rare element ions.

The failure-free rate exceeds 100,000 hours, which can save users the high cost of frequent replacement of semiconductor bars.

Single-core junction semiconductor modules do not require water cooling and can be easily introduced into double-layer fibers with high efficiency.

Without the need for complex focusing and light-guiding systems, single-core junctions can produce the same high output power, higher light-speed quality, and longer run times as arrays.

Pump Diodes: Laser Diode Packages

Active optical fiber: using optical fiber to pull the extraction tower

Components: Gratings, Isolators, Couplers

Optical fiber: clamped active optical fiber

Fiber Modules: Up to 800-1000*

After integrated coupling and laser, various power generators are formed.

The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber is 30%

CO2: 5%-10% DP YAG: 15% LP YAG: 2%

Due to the high energy efficiency and low calorific value of the internal components, the demand for electricity and cooling is greatly reduced compared to traditional generators.

Excellent beam quality and wavelength 1070nm suitable for metal cutting

The fiber generator has low comprehensive use cost and good beam quality (because of the large depth of focus and small spot, the incision formed by solid and thick metal cutting is small and the cutting wall is straight)

There is not a single lens in the fiber generator system, no maintenance, no light guide system, small size, easy integration, no startup time.

Easy to retrofit existing solid state and gas systems.

Excellent laser and cutting performance and flexible light guide system are easy to integrate and multi-purpose.

The advantages of fiber s focus on solid-state and gas-state expertise, which greatly simplifies the production and assembly process. In particular, the optical fiber transmission (0-200 meters) distance enables cutting and laser to achieve a variety of possibilities, and realizes work across distances.

4. Ultrafast Laser Machine

Ultrafast generator is a powerful tool in the future industrial field. It is an ultra-short wavelength, high-energy focusing, high-precision, slag-free gasification cutting.

According to the optical path transmission of the , it is classified as: fixed optical path; flying optical path; mixed optical path; optical fiber.

Solid YAG cutting machines are mostly fixed optical paths

CO2 cutting machines are mostly flying light paths

Optical fiber combines all the above advantages in use

Classification by machine workbench: fixed workbench; exchange workbench; continuous workbench.

Classification according to the transmission mode of the machine: single drive (screw drive); double drive (gear and pinion); high speed drive (linear motor)