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Company Overview

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Ultrafast Laser (Tianjin) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and factory of industrial applications in the national high-tech innovation industry scientific research project. The company absorbs and introduces foreign technology--Super Fast Laser, a application technology company founded on the basis of technical cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions.

    Technical major

     Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to "quality for survival, technology for innovation, management for efficiency, service for The development concept of "win the market" has become an influential brand enterprise in the field of direct metal cutting.

Superb product

Ultrafast Laser (Tianjin) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a team specializing in the research and development of cutting equipment Design strong technical team, take advantage of good location, advanced technology and modern To provide customers with comprehensive cutting solutions and perfect products and services.

      Non-standard customization

      With the development of the company, on the basis of fully absorbing and introducing advanced technology at home and abroad, we have created       Newly developed multiple types of fiber cutting equipment, mainly including CNC special fiber cutting machine series   Columns, automatic exchange table large-scale fiber cutting machine series, automatic laser equipment and CNC special non-standard fiber cutting machine, etc.

The products of Ultrafast Laser (Tianjin) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. are exported to many countries in the world, and the domestic market radiates all over the country. In the process of continuous development, the company continues to deliver high-quality products to the field of industrial cutting and laser with high-performance equipment, high-tech technology and high-quality services. It has won the unanimous affirmation of domestic and foreign customers with integrity, and has won outstanding honors for the enterprise.