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What are the points of attention for Tianjin laser cutting machine?

Source:  Release time:2020-12-09

Tianjin laser cutting machine should pay attention to the cleaning of the focusing lens and clean it frequently. Check the external optical path once a month and adjust it if it is found to be out of alignment. The mirror should be cleaned regularly every three months, and if any pollution is found, it should be cleaned in time. Machine tools, water coolers and lasers should be regularly maintained according to the maintenance requirements in the operation manual to keep the equipment in good condition. In addition, the FARLEY LASERLAB after-sales service department will perform maintenance on the laser every 2,000 hours of operation to keep it in good condition.

When starting the laser cutting machine in Tianjin, you must first turn on the regulated power supply, then turn on the water cooling, air compressor, cold dryer, numerical control, laser, high-purity nitrogen bottle (the control pressure of the pressure reducing valve is about 0.5 MKA), and then open the operation panel. Return to zero after turning on the machine. During the process of returning to zero, you must first determine whether the emergency stop is released and whether the alarm is released, and then return to zero. If an alarm occurs in the middle of returning to zero, you must first reset the alarm, and then continue to return to zero. If there is no return to zero Or if the zero return action is not completed and then stops, enter SIEMENS→Start up→NCK Reset→YES to restart the CNC, wait for the red lights on the handheld to light up, then press SETZERO to return to zero, or turn off the main control computer and restart back to zero. When the laser cutting machine needs to stop working temporarily, it can be put in the standby state, turn off the HV ON, and take a picture of the emergency stop switch.

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