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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine

Source:  Release time:2021-02-20

When purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, be sure to look at the cutting fineness, which can basically be controlled between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm. In the actual cutting process, the smoothness of the cutting surface is also very important. It is necessary to see if there are some burrs on the cutting surface. Generally speaking, there will be some burrs, which are basically determined by the thickness of the cutting or the use of It is determined by the gas, and there is no burr below three millimeters. The gas is nitrogen is better, and the effect of oxygen is second. If it is air, the effect is also poor.

Fiber laser cutting machine has certain selection criteria in the whole selection process. If you choose this kind of equipment, you must determine the production range, and you must make an effective selection according to the processing material or the thickness of the cutting. Only in this way can you determine The quantity of the purchased equipment or the relevant machine model will make a good preparation for the subsequent purchase work. The professional fiber laser cutting machine has relatively few burrs, and it can even be said that there are no burrs, and the cutting surface is very smooth. Most manufacturers have their own power requirements for laser cutting machines and other equipment. From the existing situation, most of the factories also cut metal sheets below 6 mm, so there is no need to buy high-power cutting machines. Depending on the degree of deformation of the material, if a fiber laser cutting machine is used for cutting, the material deformation effect of good equipment is very small.

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