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Laser cutting machine manufacturer super strong ultra fast laser

Source:  Release time:2018-04-01

As one of the important scientific and technological inventions in the 20th century, laser has directly promoted the development of a number of emerging disciplines and high-tech, such as nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy, strong field physics, optical communication, optical computing, Optical information storage, laser chemistry, laser medicine, laser biology, laser nuclear fusion, laser separation of isotopes, laser holography, laser processing, etc. At the same time, laser technology has also entered people's daily life, such as CD players, VCD players, barcode scanners in supermarket cash registers, laser printers, etc., all of which use advanced laser technology. The development of laser has opened up the application of laser technology, and the application of laser technology has promoted the further development of laser science and technology.

One of the new frontiers in laser technology is ultra-intense ultra-fast lasers. Super power means super high power and power density (referring to the power per unit area). At present, a laser system can even generate a peak power of up to 1015 watts, while the average power of the world's power grid is only on the order of 1012 watts; Short time scales, current laser pulses are only a few femtoseconds (10-15 seconds), and light travels only 0.3 microns in 1 femtosecond.

In recent years, the rapid development of new miniaturized ultra-strong and ultra-fast laser technology has provided new experimental methods and extreme physical conditions for human beings. Such extreme physical conditions, created in the laboratory, are currently only found in the center of a nuclear explosion, inside a star, or at the edge of a black hole. Under the conditions of increasingly stronger and faster light fields that today's ultra-intense ultrafast laser technology has provided and will be able to provide due to its further development, the interaction between the laser and various forms of matter will enter the Unprecedented highly nonlinear and relativistic strong field ultrafast range, and will further deepen the study of the interaction between light and matter to a deeper level of matter, even the interaction between light and vacuum, thus creating an ultra-strong field. Ultrafast laser is a new frontier field of modern science and technology.

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