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Custom Laser Cutting Machine

Custom Laser Cutting Machine

Detailed introduction

Professional customized special equipment for special-shaped workpieces (non-standard customization)

UFLaser—1500HJ UFLaser—500JH

1. Coaxial CCD monitoring system, easy to observe the processing quality and processing position.

2. Adopt advanced smoke purifier device, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Fully imported FANUC 6-axis manipulator, high-precision system configuration, achieves higher reliability.

4. The XYZ axis movement of the laser head can weld points, straight lines, circles, or any three-dimensional graphics composed of arcs.

5. Adopt imported servo drive system, CNC offline programming or teaching programming, so that the trajectory of cutting or welding movement is more reliable.

6. The innovative rotary double station greatly improves the work efficiency.

1. The ultra-fast laser adopts advanced laser generator and high-speed servo drive control system, and the cutting speed is 20% higher than that of other products with the same power.

2. The rotation mechanism of the servo motor and the synchronous belt not only improves the cutting efficiency of the pipe cutting, but also improves the cutting quality of the cutting surface.

3. The automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine is not only suitable for cutting pipes of various diameters, but also suitable for various freedoms.

4. Double exchange worktable, cutting parts alternately back and forth, higher production efficiency and lower cost.

5. Irregular shapes are cut on the equipment parts, and the cutting surface is neat and beautiful, replacing the shortcomings of conventional equipment.

6. Reasonable safety light curtain design improves safety protection function and makes on-site work safer.

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